Garage Door Parts

A garage door consists of mechanical pieces that are placed in homes or businesses. For the garage door to run well, the small parts with their roles have to work together. Because of their constant use, they are liable to damage and to prevent this is regular care. In order to lengthen the usability of your garage door parts it is advisable that checked them properly and they are well oiled monthly to maintain your garage door good functionality. If you are in a state where one of the garage door parts suddenly get damaged, call for assistance from a trusted repairman or asked for spares from suppliers.

Different garage doors have several important parts which make it moves and work properly. What follows is the list of various components that can frequently be found on a garage door assembly.

  • Reinforcement struts, bridge struts
  • Centre plates
  • Lift handles
  • Top brackets
  • Locks
  • Bottom brackets
  • Hinges
  • Plugs (springs)
  • C-shaped bumpers
  • Lift cables / safety cables

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